About Us

About Us

About Us

The Calamia and Bianchi Law Firm was founded in 2001 to provide assistance to:

  • Italian companies based in Italy and operating in our country
  • Italian companies wishing to expand their business abroad
  • foreign companies looking for new opportunities in Italy
  • private individuals

In particular, in the international field, the firm collaborates with companies operating in the automotive, transport, distribution, communication and data transmission sectors.

Clients are personally attended by the associated lawyers Luisa Bianchi and Massimo Calamia and by lawyer Paola Gallia: a direct relationship which, thanks to the presence of a single trustworthy contact, permits streamlining the flow of information and providing timely support.

Thanks to good acquaintance with the client and the experience gained in almost twenty years of business activity, the Calamia and Bianchi Law Firm is able to provide targeted support in every phase of a company’s life.

The Lawyers

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